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Music Generation

So, I created something to generate music, but it’s not quite as I expected it to be.

Here’s an example:

But the problem is … I don’t have a way to know if the music created is good or not (apart from listening to it myself).

So, I decided to take the problem from the bottom and measure a music’s “beauty”.

But that seemed a little hard also, just because it’s hard to “visualize”, because you know, it’s music.

So, I started checking if I could measure the beauty of images, and start from there to learn how to learn if music is beautiful or not… which started Sceauty:


Some fiction…

I’m currently writing a book. Nothing special, only to distract my mind, in these long public transport trips. I write fiction, not information, because it’s easier to write, in the bus.

That book, that may never be published, has an instructive component, with a “guidance 4” (Guidece for *).

So here’s an excerpt of the book I`m writing (only in french for now)

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Talk to your PC

Following the book I published on computers, I started a blog, but I`m missing time to maintain it, for the reason I mentioned earlier.




A computer … how does that work?

So I wrote a “book”… in french.

A really little book, on a subject that I know : computers.

In fact, I wanted to add more information to it, make it bigger, but with my first daughter coming in my life, I don’t have enough time to finish it…

Un ordinateur - comment ça marche - Martin Gamsby

I’m just trying to answer a simple question, that I asked myself very young…

“How can my computer know what I want to do? What sort of magic occurs in that box?”

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Goal Do+’s online course : “How To Set And Reach Any Goal You Wish”

Since the launch of my goal management application Goal Do+, I received emails on the futility of my application, and I did not know what to say.

I realized that it is not the application that has a problem, but people who think that it is a “miracle pill”.

Message to all everyone: the “miracle pills” do not exist!

Goal Do+” is a tool to help you achieve your goals, but only goals that were previously established!

You should already know your goals and objectives, seek them, find them, before using the tool …

Online video course

So I created a video course to explain how to set goals and achieve them, to help you through the process.

I’m giving you $ 40 off the advertised price, simply because you have learned about this course right here on this website.

But first, here’s an excerpt: the first course after the introduction:

Get this course for a huge discount, just because you go through this site!

In addition, if you purchased the PRO version of OR +, I give you the course! Just send me an email with the email you used to buy the PRO version, and I send you a coupon to get the course for free!

Website creator

After all this time making websites and other softwares, I noticed something.

It’s EASY to make a website!

With all the tools available nowadays, it’s much easier than most of the people thinks.

I even find it kind of sad to see that some are not doing what they want because they’re scared.

So I decided to make a website builder.

With EzWebsiteCreatorPro, you can make a website in 1m27s!

You can see by yourself how to make a website here

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Goal Do + (GoalD+)

Organize your tasks and goals in an optimal way to save time

Do you…
Have a busy life ?
Always forget important dates?

Only one solution
is made to meet your needs

Manage your life

Sort tasks and goals
in an optimal way to save time

GoalD+ is a short, medium and long term goals manager.

Detailed description on GoalD+’s website :

All the goals added can be ordered by date or importance.

So, you can do the most urgent tasks before the others, and the most important ones first.

GoalD+ is designed for those who have a busy schedule, and always end up forgetting everything. For example: students with multiple courses and projects at the same time, ending up forgetting dates, or never do their own projects by mismanagement of their time.

In fact, GoalD+ can simply be used as a todo list of things to do, but there is much more that can be done: a classification of  todos, notifications to remind you of things you have to do, while reminding you of the rewards associated to motivate you.

In addition, GoalD+ can handle longer-term goals, divide them into sub-goals and track progress in a measurable way.

To summarize, you can:

– Add goals and classify them in pre-defined categories (Personal, Training), or defined by you.

– Divide a goal into sub-goals if it is too long.

– See quick goals classified in the order that you have in mind.

– Send notifications to remind you to make short-term tasks, and remember to divide the too big or too long goals, tasks or projects.

– View the progress of a long-term goal or a sub-goal.

Now, go and organize yourself to save time!

Goal Do+ (GoalD+) Android Application

logo de or+, l'application objectif : reussite+During my  user interfaces conception class, I had to design a user interface alone.

During this design project of the future application “Goal Do+ (GoalD Plus)“, a goal manager and personal motivational application, I made a task analysis, a static prototype, rectifications after comments from users of the prototype, and I also designed a dynamic prototype of GoalD+, which allowed me to see possible improvements according to the usage the potential users made of GoalD Plus.

After all this work, I said to myself that it would be stupid to keep it to myself.

So, I decided to continue the prototype, to refine it according to user tests results, and to add functionalities that should be interesting.

It’s not finished, but it’s a project in process, which will probably be in beta version in a few weeks or months!

EDIT: Now available

Use your brain to its maximum to learn quickly and easily

Like I said before, I made a blog to learn to learn better.

Yes, it’s only in french too, sorry if you don’t understand…

Anyway, considering that the blog has become relatively large, I decided to make a condensed Kindle book. You can download it on the Amazon site:

Order “Use your brain to its maximum to learn quickly and easily”
screenshot of the kindle to lean faster


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A free software designed to make you learn anything without you noticing!

Learning faster, without any effort, is a big task, granted …

But I designed this little software a few years ago:


Qt Reminder
logo of Qt reminder

Full details of this progressive learning and almost subconscious are written inside the website presenting it.
I must admit this site is poor, and that, as I have done everything a few years ago, some features are poorly designed, and sometimes the software (like the site) are not user-friendly.

But, I think the tool is very useful once you have understood. After all, on a few hundred users, if I had no meaningful suggestions, it must be ok … 😉

For your information, I wrote this with the excellent software cross-platform application and UI framework Qt, in C + +.

Here is an overview of the application in action (click on image to enlarge):

Good learning!

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Ninja versus Aliens

Here’s a little game developed in Flash, ActionScript2 (AS2).
aperçu de Ninja vs Aliens

I just decided to try to make a flash game one day, and this is what it became …

A ninja who tries to save the world by destroying all alien ships attacking him, only to destroy a “Boss”. Yet another game.

I did it in English for an almost instantaneous audience, and have feedback on what I did.

Good game !

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Blog: Learn how to learn faster and better

Here is a blog I created a few years ago, entitled:

Apprenez comment mieux apprendre – Secrets de ma réussite – comment apprendre plus vite, et mieuxaperçu de mon blog pour mieux apprendre

Okay, it’s only in french, but hey, if you don’t understand, there’s always Google translate.

I have written all sorts of advice to learn better, faster. Tips, tricks, stories, videos, etc..

I stopped to write by lack of feedback, and perhaps a bit of interest (due to lack of feedback …).

But the content is always to date and very interesting!

Happy reading!

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Welcome to the personal website of Martin Gamsby

Hello and welcome to my personal website.

I created this website because my Internet presence is becoming important, and I would like to show my contributions and accomplishments.

So of course, everything I have done or written on the Internet will not be written here, not at all.

Instead, I will write a brief description of a project, blog, software, website, or other things, that I have already done and seems interesting enough to me to show to others, you.

Then you will decide for yourself if you want to learn more by going to the projet, website, or whatever it is that I’m describing.

I’ll try to update the About page, so go check it out.

You can always subscribe to RSS at the top right of the site, or you can follow me and get to know me on other social networks, like LinkedIn (fr).

Happy surfing!

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